Looking for beautiful black furniture? The same curiosity is sweeping across the design community the world over. Black and white is a wonderful color contrast combination. Many interior designers are using black furniture to enhance the modern look of any home’s decor theme.

You don’t have to resort to paying for new retail-priced furniture. Painting furniture black is always an option when it comes to using this dark theme. This will save you money but make sure you research the proper stains, varnishes and processes to paint your particular furniture piece.

ultramodern black inspired living roon idea

Common Furniture Types And Styles

If you need some inspiration on where to start, then look no further. Read on to help you get started on your black furniture design ideas at home.

  • Black Bedroom Furniture Sets

Often used in modern design, these furniture sets create strong color contrasts with lighter colored pillows and accent walls. If you’re going for black tables, bed frames and clothing bureaus; your bedroom will have a dramatic appeal.

  • Black Lacquer Furniture

Many people are turning to do-it-yourself lacquer jobs. By sanding down any previous stains and colors of wood-based furniture, you can start the lacquer spraying process yourself. It is often in a spray paint form that you apply the lacquer and can save money over purchasing new furniture that is pre-colored black.

  • Types

Kitchen tables and bedside tables are often used in black furniture decor. Armoires, television entertainment centers, CD and DVD holding racks, as well as living room couches and coffee tables are often painted black or take on a black lacquer finish.

  • Wall-Mounted Shelving

Some of the most awe-inspiring designs are modern bookshelves which hang suspended on a wall. They often come in curved form or contemporary irregular shapes or straight lines. When painted black, you will have a modern piece of functional art that doubles as a bookshelf.

sensational blay spary painted furniture

Black Furniture Advantages

The advantages of having black furniture are numerous.

  • Great contrast against white walls
  • Vibrant colored accent pillows go well with a couch
  • They match well with most curtain and accent colors
  • It is difficult to see darker spills and stains on dark furniture
  • You get a modern design look and feel to your home

rare black interior design bedroom idea

Decorating Tips

Use the black furniture and black lacquer furniture design palette sparingly. Moderation in the use of black is needed because a heavy color like this can cause a room to look smaller and bring the mood to one of sadness.

If you’re going to use a lot of black color, make sure you offset the dark with light colored vases, throw pillows, table centerpieces and flowers. It will soften the overall look.

chinese antique black wooden chair

Make sure your room has curtains or blinds to help dissipate light. Often times, dark furniture left out in direct sunlight will readily show signs of UV damage so be mindful of this. Draw your shades or curtains at night to prevent over-exposure to your furniture when you are at work.