Nothing beats the feeling of walking into a cool and comfortable room after a very busy day at work. But since air conditioners,too, can malfunction at some point, there is a tendency that the coolness and comfort you are longing to experience at the end of the day will not be possible. But with proper attention and guide for air conditioner maintenance on hand, problems with air conditioners can be easily prevented. To know the right ways of doing so, simply read on the list below.

regular air conditioner maintenance

  • Check the unit’s filters periodically. If you are residing in the area that is prone to pollutants and dust, cleaning or replacing your filters should be done every 3to 6 months. But if you want to play it safe and you want to be sure, replacing filters every 30 days is the best way to go.
  • Make sure that plants are grown 3 feet away from the unit’s condenser coils. To keep the air conditioner even more secure from weeds and grass, cover it with a plastic sheet that is entirely covered with gravel.
  • A good guide for air conditioner maintenance will tell you to hose out every foreign object that has accumulated inside your outdoor unit. Usually, you will easily see clogging stuff like pollens and debris in the unit’s cooling fins.
  • Keep the outdoor unit under a good amount of shade. By doing this, you will prolong the life of the unit’s motor that should have overworked in keeping the coils cool.
  • During winter, it is important that you protect the condensing unit by covering it with plastic sheet. But before doing so, be sure to turn the breaker switch off.
  • Regularly check the indoor unit’s condensed water pipe as well. Make sure that no blockage is present in the location.
  • To keep mildew and molds away from your indoor unit, apply a mild disinfectant into it once every month.
  • Even if air cooling is not necessary, don’t forget to turn the unit on for a few minutes monthly so that refrigerants will circulate and seals will stay lubricated.

proper air conditioner maintenance

Furthermore, always go for top quality manufacturers like Kenmore air conditioner to make sure that the unit will serve you for the longest time possible.There you have the basic but helpful guide for air conditioner maintenance. Make sure to perform these steps on the right schedules mentioned above so that your appliance will keep you feeling comfy and cool, especially now that temperatures are increasingly rising.