Leather is the hide or skin of animals that is obtained in a processed form. Nowadays, a great variety of leather is available that are used for various purposes like making bags, belts, shoes, sofa sets, clothes, jackets and many other products. Hence when any leather products are purchased it is wise to make a comparison of various types of leather and access their quality and durability.

Types Of Leather
In most cases the skins of animals like sheep and cow are used. Comparison of various types of leather is done on the basis of which part of the hide or skin is used in the making of leather. When the hair of leather is removed, the grain is obtained. It again has two parts the top grain and split which does not have any natural grain on it. The types are mainly classified into the following kinds that help to make a comparison of various types of leather.

bill amberg full grain leather messenger bag

  • Top Grain Or Full Grain Leather

This is the most natural form of leather that one gets by removing the hair from the epidermis. It is pure and natural and has no finishing or polishing done to it. Even if it is colored by using dyes, the natural effect is preserved that makes it so expensive as well as popular. Goods made from natural top grain leather are very comfortable to use.

  • Split Leather

Split leather is obtained after the top grain is removed. The quality of this type of leather is not so good and is found to be harder in comparison of various types of leather. It is cheaper also and is susceptible to easy damage. They need proper handling and are mostly used to make suede leather.

  • Corrected Grain Leather

This is inferior quality leather. When the grains of the best kind of leather are polished and removed, scratches are formed. These are corrected by the two kinds of finishing techniques as semi-aniline and pigmented. Hence it is called corrected grain leather

  • Faux Leather

This kind of leather looks very attractive but is not pure leather. It is man-made synthetic type of leather. It is the cheapest form of leather and is widely used in making commercial furniture. It is highly durable, has a fashionable look and is cheaper too. 

man made synthetic faux leather fabric

  • Suede Leather

Suede leather is a soft kind of leather that is obtained by splitting the hide and the grain. The surface is buffed and there is a velvety feel to it. But it is damaged easily if it gets in touch with liquid. A comparison of various types of leather reveals that suede looks beautiful but is not durable.

  • Coated Leather

Coated leather is not a natural product but is split leather of a synthetic type. A polyurethane layer is applied to the surface and is most suitable for manufacturing shoes. It is highly durable and affordable too for which reason it is now being used for commercial upholstery also.

To keep leather soft and for conditioning purposes the neatsfoot oil is used. It is available in a pure form that has feet of cattle and shin bones as the ingredients. The compound ones are a combination of petroleum-based oil or mineral and neatsfoot oil. A comparison of various types of leather helps purchasers to choose the type of leather products that they want easily.