Obtaining sports collectibles is a favorite hobby for many people. People who love sports and are emotionally attached to the games, teams or players love collecting sports collectibles. Collecting these items allows them to relive the golden days. Different items are considered as sport collectibles or memorabilia. Some people even say that anything related to a sports event can be preserved as a souvenir or collectible. As an example, a water bottle or a used ticket can be preserved as a collectible. Here, you will explore some popular types of sports collectibles, how to collect these items, how to maintain or preserve those and most importantly, how to stay away from fraudulence.

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Popular Sports Collectibles

Below is a guide on the best sports items to collect.

  • Autographed sports collectibles – When your favorite player puts his autograph on a game accessory, it can be considered as an exclusive sport memorabilia. The list of such items can be extensive as anything signed can be preserved. Balls, gloves, jerseys, bells, bats can be collected and preserved. While purchasing these items from a store, consider cross checking the signs (the signature should be clear, the surface should be clean and the seller should have authentication certificates).
  • Sports cards, game items and apparels – You can collect the souvenir cards from the stores around. You can also collect used equipments during a game such as bats, balls, shoes, jerseys etc. You can also think about collecting team jerseys and other apparels. You should check these stuffs carefully while purchasing. You should pay attention to the sweat stains, wear and tear and the authentication certificate while purchasing.
  • Stadium items and collectibles – If you are attending a sports event live, you can collect some items yourself. You can pick the neon signs, ticket stubs and preserve them in your collection. These items are also sold in stores. Sometimes these items are highly expensive as they are rare and mostly promote historical significance. You should also pay attention while choosing these expensive sports collectibles. Cross examine the authentication certificate cautiously.

How to Collect These Items

You can choose various options to obtain sports collectibles. There are three major groups to assist you with these.

  • Purchasing from online/local stores: Some online stores are known for their exclusive collection of sports collectibles. There are some local brands too. You can visit these stores and search for your desired items. If a game is going to be held soon, you can place an order to collect a specific item of that sport event. This is a popular mean of collecting such stuffs. However, you might have to spend a huge sum at times.
  • Collecting live: This is also a popular and relatively inexpensive way of collecting the priceless memorabilia during a game. If you are present at the place yourself, you can collect the items you want. May be a piece of your ticket, a water bottle or a used ball can be preserved as sports collectibles.
  • Collecting from others/exchanging stuffs: There are large communities of sports memorabilia collectors. You can ask the members of these communities to collect items for you. Your friends can also help you enrich your collection. Sometimes, you can exchange your stuffs with others and add special attractions to your collection.

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Maintaining Sports Collectibles

Maintaining your sports collectibles is extremely important. These priceless items require utmost attention from the collector. You have to clean them regularly and ensure safe storage. As an example, you can purchase basketball display case to preserve your basketball items. Similarly, you can purchase specific storages for maintaining your exclusive items. Don’t let these stuffs get damaged for your utter negligence.

Purchasing authentic sports collectibles is a challenge for beginners in most cases. Extensive research, utmost caution and choosing the right seller can help you pick a priceless item at an affordable cost.