College lacrosse is one of the popular games played by university and college students across North America. The college sports event is equally popular among men and women. In different clubs and varsities, the game is being played for a long time. In United States, National Collegiate Athletic Association aka NCAA regulates and sponsors the game in varsity and club level. In Canada, the authorized body associated with the game is named Canadian University Field Lacrosse Association. Explore some more facts about college lacrosse.

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History of College Lacrosse Game

The game was first introduced as club or varsity event in November 1877. First ever game was played between the University of New York and College of Manhattan. Later in 1890, the event populated in other areas of United States i.e. Baltimore. These two vicinities are still considered as college lacrosse introducers in USA and Canada. In 1969, the body or national authority started their operation and regulation. In 1971, the national tournaments started off and since then, the event is considered as one of the sports in colleges and universities of USA.

Divisions, Winners, Teams

The following are facts about the divisions and prominent winners of college lacrosse.

  • There are three distinguished divisions both for men and women lacrosse tournaments. These divisions are known as Division I, II and III.
  • Men’s division I tournament was attended by 61 teams; division II had 46 teams and division III had 189 lacrosse teams.
  • Women’s division I consisted of 92 teams; division II was attended by 67 and division III had 216 teams in it.
  • There are 28 men’s tournaments and 17 women’s tournaments.
    In men’s lacrosse, the team of Syracuse holds the maximum number of championship titles (10 in total) in 1st division tournaments. John Hopkins, Princeton and Virginia are some other extremely successful teams in Lacrosse history of USA. In division II, Adelphi is the most successful team whereas Hobart holds the maximum (13) titles in division III.

On the other hand in women’s lacrosse, Maryland has won maximum titles (10 times) in division I, Adelphi stands on top in division II with 5 titles and Trenton state has won 12 (maximum) titles in division III.

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How to Become Lacrosse Superstar

To become a skilled lacrosse player, here are some tips to help you out.

  • Concentrate more on midfield play. A midfielder actually has all the skills. He presents a complete player package.
  • You should concentrate on building shooting skills, defense tactics, stamina, and grounding very carefully. Combining all these skills can only turn you into a lacrosse star.
  • Watch more games on television and online sites. This will help you learn special tricks from the legends. You have to consider learning and practicing the shooting tricks to improve your skills.
  • These are some skills you must develop for professional performances: shooting, riding, stick protections, ground balls, shooting accuracy and many more.
  • You must concentrate on building your physical stamina. You have to prepare the workout routine and follow that strictly.

College lacrosse has become a hot event for numerous sports lovers across the country. Companies are manufacturing high quality lacrosse apparel and accessories for players. Research online and find reliable sources to learn about the game. You should collect high quality playing gears and practice the game to perform better. Be knowledgeable about the game and follow the tips to become a skilled lacrosse player.