A handbag is never complete without a high quality purse in it. These handy and stylish designer purses are all women’s desirable items. Several brands have been manufacturing high-end, pricey, exclusive handbags for years. Italian and French designers are known for their exquisite craft and delicate designs. Most popular brands today such as Gucci, DKNY and Prada take their origin from the designer belt of Europe that is France and Italy. Here, you will discover the current top selling brands presenting with exclusive designer purses, their features and price ranges for further research and comparisons.

Designer Sak Purses


Coach is considered one of the most favorite brands among stylish women regardless of the region they belong to. This American brand has already received overwhelming response from women in last 10 years. They have already brought some exclusive purses for women.  Coach is something that is a must have in every woman’s closet.  Price of these bags ranges between $350 and $800.  If you are a retro leather lover, these coach classics are meant to be in your closet.


Donna Karan New York (DKNY) is another American fashion label known for their splendid women’s collection. Here are the features of this brand.

  • They have presented a great array of choices regarding colors, designs and materials.
  • In last 2/3 decades, some American born fashion leaders have certainly created competition for year old French and Italian fashion houses and DKNY is definitely one of those challengers.
  • The price tags of these products also vary within a wide range. Make a budget between $400 and $950 to pick DKNY designer purses.

Louis Vuitton

This French fashion house is known for some exclusive women’s leather items, specifically luggage and handbags. Here are the things you need o know about this brand.

  • The price range is relatively higher than most other leading brands.
  • The price tags wave between $750 and $1000.
  • Louis started the fashion house and after years of constant quality and exclusive products for fashionable users, this has become the warehouse of women’s wonder items.

Better you search for discounted LV and save significant amount upon your purchase online.

Chanel Fashion House

This fashion house is considered as leading celebrity products providers. Many female celebrities around the world have been seen with Chanel items. Started back in 1955, the company has been bringing new and unique products for fashionable women around the world. They also provide an extensive array of choices. You may choose from numerous color options, designs and materials. Consider creating a budget of about $3000 to buy the latest items from Chanel warehouse.

Tips in Purchasing and Maintenance

Numerous stores, chain shops and mega malls are selling these exclusive women’s items. These items are mostly expensive and customers are more prone to fraudulent activities.

  • Compare the prices.
  • Research extensively on the products you prefer. In addition, if you don’t have enough budget but want to have quality and fashionable purses, go for Sak purses.
  • Select an exclusive store to choose from.

Best of the Sak Purses

It is also recommended that you should have maintenance tips for your purses and bags.

  • Take care of the material by cleaning the purse.
  • Make sure they are stored correctly while not in use. Through this, cheap designer purses will also be able to serve you longer and better.

Designer purses are products that revolve a lot interest from women around the world. You have to be careful about choosing these items. Be careful about the replica items and avoid buying suspiciously cheaper items from unknown stores. Complete your outfit with designer items and look sophisticated in every way.