Ballet slippers are essential accessories for professional and hobbyist ballet dancers. These slippers have special ergonomics to enhance balance and mobility. However, the designs have evolved into modern ballet slippers over centuries. Fashion trends keep changing and ballet slippers are considered as an integral part of ballet apparels and trends. The eerie character of the ballet shoes allow a dancer to move flawlessly around the stage so that it seems that she or he is dancing barefoot. Explore more about these wonderful footwear, the history, unique features and the advantages of these slippers.

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History of Ballet Slippers

Ballet has been a popular form of dancing since the 14th century. Here are its time table.

  • Officially, ballet dancing has been practiced since 1681.
  • The special dance form was discovered by the excellent dancing experts of Royal Academy of Dance founded by King Louis XIV in 1661. During that time, ballet shoes used to have high heels.
  • In the mid 18th century, Marie Camargo, the famous dancer from Paris Opera ballet, discovered ballet slippers. As this was considered as French ballet revolutions, standard ballet shoes left the heels forever.

Ballet Slippers Dissected

Ballet slippers are extremely soft and flexible. They protect the sensitive joint around the toe and heels. They are designed for various users. Toddler ballet slippers have more flexible ergonomics and consist of soft, comfortable fabrics. Women usually wear pink ballet shoes whereas men prefer using the black ballet slippers. Ballet tights are also considered as essential apparel for female ballerinas.

There are numerous girls ballet slippers designs available to choose from. But it’s important to find the right size and fit that make you feel comfortable moving on the stage. For a long time, the soft slippers are being used by expert dancers. Now, amateur dancers have also opted for these slick, smart items. Some known brands have been manufacturing these high quality items since the beginning and now, they have focused on affordable yet high quality ballet accessories.

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How to Choose Ballet Slippers

Below are tips on how to choose ballet slippers.

  • Choose something that fits you perfectly. Don’t pick something too tight or too loose. Pick a product that makes you feel comfortable while you are on stage. Go for number of trials and take enough time to hand on the right pair.
  • Make sure the product has high quality, elastic fabrics. High quality fabrics will prevent readily tears and stretches. At the same time, these elastic fabrics will provide you the extra room while dancing on stage. That is why choosing the materials is crucial for a professional dancer.
  • Check out the soles of the ballet shoes carefully. There are two major types, namely, full soles and divided soles. Full soles closely resemble pointed shoes and require better skills. Choose thin, flexible, high quality shoes to make your dancing experience better than ever.

If you are interested in ballet dancing, you need to learn about the ballet accessories extensively. You have to conduct researches, compare the prices online and find out the best ballet slippers. Find the best one and dance gracefully with your ballet shoes.