An Italian designer named Salvatore Ferragamo designed wedge heels in the year 1936. What are wedge shoes today? Today, they are popular across the globe. Wedge heels are those in which the heel is triangular and covers the entire foot rather than just the heel region. There are many different types of shoes to choose from for women but womens wedges are ideal because they are more comfortable and sturdy. They can make you look taller by creating an illusion that you have longer legs. They also provide you support, which many types of heels don’t.

There are numerous different types of womens wedges in the market today and more about these shoes have been mentioned. Wedges for women are highly versatile especially if you choose womens black wedges. Black usually goes with every type of dress. You can wear these shoes with dresses as well as flowing skirts. You can decide on the length of your dress or skirt because the shoes will look good on all sizes. They will also look great with pants. However, you shouldn’t wear these shoes with body hugging clothes or tight fitting clothes such as skinny jeans. They can end up making you look clumsy. Know that these shoes are for informal and casual occasions. They are not really the type of shoes you should select for a formal occasion.

high peptoe ankle boots womens black wedges

Getting Familiar with the Available Types

You will find numerous different types of womens wedges in the market today such as:

  • Flat form wedge
  • architectural wedge
  • ankle wedge shoes
  • wrapped wedge
  • hidden wedge
  • closed toe wedge shoes
  • espadrille shoes
  • peep toe wedges
  • clogs

You can choose based on your comfort level and your preferences. Espadrilles are the most common choice and there are sub-varieties in these too. Thus, you can see that you have a lot of choices to pick from.

The fact that they provide support and are sturdy makes them a better choice when compared to the other types of shoes in the market for women. However, you should be careful to only buy quality wedges such as duck shoes in order to get the support and comfort that womens wedges are known for.

sexy closed toe shoes comfortable high wedge

You can shop for these wedges online as well as offline based on your convenience. Make sure you don’t buy wedges that are too tight or too loose. Both can be uncomfortable and may even cause injuries if you are not careful. If you are buying online, enter the right size. Try the shoes on before making a purchase just to be sure.