Shock absorber refers to a special type of mechanical device that helps a heavy machine/transport facility to avoid or reduce the after effects of shock impulses. As an example, a car or a motorbike has a mechanism called suspension. This mechanism reduces the impact of shock due to exaggeration of kinetic energy. A shock absorber plays the lead role in this complex act.

cnc-machined aluminum touring car shock absorber

Mechanism of a Shock Absorber

  • These absorbers have a simple external design. The outer shape is associated with a cylinder containing a piston inside.
  • The piston can move up and down on a 2D axis. The length of the piston is larger than the cylinder and hence a part of this cylinder remains outside.
  • There is space between the lower border of the piston and cylinder. The space is called hydraulics which is often filled with air or fluid.
  • On pressure impact, the piston moves in and out to reduce the intensity of the pressure by compressing or expanding the air or liquid inside the cylinder.
  • Once you have done shock absorber comparison, you can understand how the volume of the cylinder directly influences the efficiency and capacity to absorb the shock.
  • These efficient equipments reduce the extent of damage in the transport machineries
  • They reduce accidental occurrences significantly by inducing better control on the motor and engine
  • These make the suspensions work more effectively and last longer
  • Shock absorber works as a backbone for public transport systems as they help in carrying the weight on roads or trails
  • Installing these equipments will make your journeys comfortable, enjoyable and safer than ever

Why It’s Essential to Install Shock Absorber

Most cars, motorcycles and transport products come with pre-installed absorbers as suspension units. The capacity and efficiency of these units depend on the engine or heavy machinery installed in that machine. You have to be careful about maintaining this stuff as they ensure safety and protection during your travels.

motorcycle rear shock absorber

How to Deal with the Issues Like a Pro

You may not often need to think about shock absorber replacement, neither it get damage easily; however, you have to pay proper attention on maintaining these equipments. Otherwise, these can get you into serious trouble anytime on road.

Due to heavy exposure to immense pressure, shock absorber associate high velocity torsion. The temperature often rises unusually high and hence the efficiency reduces significantly in no time. You have to make sure that plenty of water is always passing through the engine and control the temperature.

These items often seem to last for years (sometimes exceeds 10 years). However, the service length depends on the exposure, that is how frequent you drive, how long you move frequently and how much load you use to carry. Overuse may reduce the time to get worn and your vehicle will soon feature some symptoms of worn absorber. Symptoms include:

  • trouble stopping,
  • nose driving,
  • Swerving etc.

If any of these are occurring frequently, you must change the gear ASAP.

Before you go and replace your shock absorber, it’s always wise to read the shock absorber reviews and learn what the users are talking about. You should rather go for safer investments like Tokico shocks for better and longer services.