Often, screws for plastics are also plastic in nature since the light nature of plastic demands that it is fastened lightly as well. Plastic screws are commonly used for the fastening of plastics where the traditional metal screws cannot be used. This is because metal screws are heavy in weight and are known to rust at the slightest contact with water.

Important Features of Plastic Screws

Screws for plastics need to have features that make them suitable only for plastics in more than one way. Some of these special features include:

  • Weight – as mentioned earlier, plastics screws need to be light in weight. This is because plastics are often light and therefore need screws that go well with their weight.
  • Color – since plastics come in a wide range of colors, it is important for the screws that are used to match the color of the plastic itself. For this reason, these screws are often colorless, though they are at times brightly colored.
  • Material – these screws are made of strong and hard plastic. This is majorly to make them strong and durable enough to perform the task of holding plastics together.

fragile kadee screws for plastics

Advantage Over The Rest of The Screws

Plastics screws have various advantages over other kinds of screws that are used today. These include:

  • They come in a variety of colors
  • They  can be reused since they do not wear out easily, provided they are used well
  • They are cheap to buy
  • They are readily available
  • They serve their purpose of fastening plastics quite well

Just as screws for plastics come in different colors, they come in different sizes as well. The sizes of screws are measured in metric units and any screw that has a metric size is referred to as a metric screws.

clear plastic nylon screws nuts and washers

Disadvantages of Screws Made of Plastic

As much as screws for plastics are handy and advantageous, they also have their setbacks. The following are some of the disadvantages of the screws

  • They are fragile – when not handled carefully, these screws break easily.
  • They are limited for use on plastics alone as they are easy to ruin.
  • They cannot fasten heavy materials since they are naturally light in weight.

Screws for plastics are very important in our day to day lives as they came in handy and save situations just when you needed them. Some things only work well with their own kind and that’s a proven fact.