Medical health workers are expected to wear proper attire or in their own language known as scrubs. Nursing scrubs are made of different materials for specific purposes. Each material possesses different benefits to its wearer.

The Evolution of Nursing Scrubs

Nursing scrubs have undergone a huge change since its foundation in the 1800s. You would recall that before formal nursing was established in the 19th century, the first nurses were nuns who wear floor-length dresses with aprons. The evolution of the uniforms since that day has change a lot to colorful scrubs based on their role, functionality and professionalism.

During World War I, nurses have played a major role in the caring of the wounded soldiers in both fronts. However, since their demand of service has increased, they are required more mobility thus making the floor length skirt shorter and the aprons disappear. The profession’s popularity grew steadily and more men are entering the field which makes the availability of nursing pants and open-neck shirts. Mass production has also made the sleeves shorter and caps have different variations already. It is a standard requirement for nursing scrubs during that time to be easily washed with low maintenance as they are today.

professional laundering tips on nursing scrubs

The Fabric Makes A Difference

Nursing scrubs are mostly made of blends between cotton and polyester. Some are made of 100 percent cotton while others are made of 100 percent polyester. There are a few numbers of nursing scrubs that are made of synthetic materials such as spandex and rayon.

Using a certain type of fabric for the nursing scrubs really makes a difference. Starting from the way they look and being protected from all the elements around the hospital premise, a certain fabric needs to be thought of carefully. The hospital, especially the ER, is a place where not a single second is wasted, therefore a nurse should not worry about their clothing since they have more important matters at hand to deal with. All nursing scrubs are expected to withstand multiple washings, endure the daily wear and tear and resist bodily fluids that are an everyday formula of a buzzing hospital. White cross scrubs is a popular brand that offers all the need components of an effective nursing scrub and other medical attires. They are readily available online that not only offers the plain colored scrubs but also offers patterned ones as well. Patterned and colored scrubs are more preferred nowadays since plain white ones gives the wearer discomfort because of the underwear lining that are visible from the outside.

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Nursing scrubs have definitely come a long way from its time with Florence Nightingale. Many variations are available in designs, added features and color. It is not only designed to protect the wearer from illness but it is also considered an expression of professional virtue for men and women nurses. It is important that when buying nursing scrubs, you should ensure that comfort in mobility is achieved and the fabric will protect the wearer from all the outside elements that a hospital has to offer.