Jewelries like sapphire necklace are popular among women because of their simplicity in beauty. When of course, white gold along with diamond is a very good combination in case of a sapphire necklace; yellow gold sapphire necklace, yellow gold sapphire ring and yellow gold sapphire earrings are also popular based on the outfit the user intends to wear. Here, you will find some general information about how you can buy the right kind of sapphire jewelry, especially made with yellow gold sapphire, and how to match them with your selection of outfits.

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A Little Bit About Sapphire
Before moving on to the original section, you should know some basics about sapphire. First, sapphires are actually corundum mineral. Any corundum is sapphire except for the red ones; those are actually rubies. Next, sapphires are not always blue. Most people think of blue gems whenever they hear the word sapphire but the thing is sapphire comes in five more colors other than blue and these are pink, yellow, purple, black and green. The color difference happens due to the varied presence of titanium, iron and chrome. Any colored sapphires other than blue are considered fancy so if you are headed to a fancy party, avoid wearing a blue sapphire necklace.

Buying Guide For Yellow Gold Sapphire Jewelry
Regardless if it is necklace or a ring you want to buy, you need to know that you will not be getting a second-class gemstone. Follow these steps when shopping for sapphire jewelry.

  • Trust only a reputed jewelry store. You will be surprised to know how less you have to spend on a yellow gold sapphire jewelry only to find out later they are not quite what you expected them to be. Make sure the staff knows about sapphire in particular.
  • Ask if the stone has been treated with irradiation, coating, dyeing, heat treatment and/or such enhancing treatments. It is not like they are all bad but still you should know about them.
  • Make sure the stone does not change color at different angles. Good quality sapphires are deep, not too dark or light.
  • Check for any visible scratches or inclusion on the surface.
  • Make sure the stone reflects light evenly when held in face-up position. Consider its cut (oval, round, square etc.).
  • Finally, do not go for a single stone. Place several stones side by side and compare them to find the best one.

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Tips for Wearing Yellow Gold Sapphire Jewelry

The best thing about sapphire jewelries, whether it is a yellow gold sapphire ring, earrings or necklace, they go perfectly with almost all the outfits you have in your wardrobe.

  • The Cornflower blue sapphires are mostly precious and popular among women and they go perfectly with your daily wears. Thanks to their high hardness rate (9 out of 10 in Moh’s scale); you do not need to worry about it getting scratched or ‘rusty’ in any way. Partner them with yellow gold to produce a magnificent yellow gold sapphire jewelry that you can use everyday.
  • However, as mentioned earlier blue is not considered quite as fancy as the other sapphire colors. So if you are going to a fancy party or celebration, try to match the stone color with the dress color.
  • Focus on your yellow gold sapphire jewelry. It should be visible.
  • Wearing an outfit of the same color of the stone does not shift focus from you, so you do not need to worry about that.
  • However, the royal blue is an exception in the whole ‘fancy’ part. The deep color of royal blue sapphires intertwines with a deep dark dress (especially black) perfectly.
  • In addition, try wearing a set rather than a separate jewelry from different sets. However, if you do so, you can focus on a particular jewelry (like your necklace) by wearing other light-colored jewelries.

Use these tips and guides to shine with your yellow gold sapphire jewelry in any occasion. Walk prouder and more confident with the right guidelines to assist you.