Fashion styles come and go, but there are some that seem to be able to stand the test of time, with the corduroy skirt being very much at the top of that list. You can stroll through any type of clothing store, young or old, and you will be sure to find all manner of items made from that most versatile of fabrics. Despite the fact that corduroy has been around since the 1700’s, it really didn’t become that popular until the 1950’s, and it was then that the love and hate relationship with it really began.

best fashionable black corduroy skirt

Women Love To Wear A Corduroy Skirt

As the decades passed, the corduroy skirt became more and more popular, and there may have been no more beloved version than the corduroy mini skirt. It was adored by the ladies who loved to show off a little leg, and also by the men who enjoyed seeing those beautiful women walk around in a barely there skirt. It also helped that the width, or wales, of the corduroy varied so that the fabric could have an entirely different look and feel, which really helped women make smart fashion choices such as:

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  • Black Corduroy Skirt: Perhaps the most popular version of the black corduroy skirt is the broad wale variety as it almost has a velvety look and feel. That makes it a great choice for women that want the comfort of corduroy, yet still want to wear it to a more formal event.

  • Brown Corduroy Skirt: This had become the choice of women as fall and winter starts to roll around, and the pinwale version of corduroy seems to be more popular in that look as it tends to feel a little heavier and warmer which is perfect for the colder seasons.

fashionable brown corduroy skirt

  • Corduroy Mini Skirt: The corduroy skirt has been around for a long time, but the mini style somewhat saw its peak back in the 60’s. Like most fashions though, it’s been making a comeback in the last few years, and the corduroy mini skirt is a real hit with younger ladies once again.

Corduroy Through The Decades

When corduroy first appeared back in the 50’s and 60’s it was often referred to as the poor man’s velvet, but that didn’t stop the ladies from sporting all manner of corduroy skirt in an effort to look fashionable.

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Perhaps it’s because the fabric is so soft and comfortable that has made it stand the test of time, but despite the poor man moniker, it is actually a fabric that has transcended all social barriers, and you are just as likely to see a college professor wear a black corduroy skirt in the same classroom as a starving student wearing a brown corduroy skirt. While there have been times when corduroy hasn’t all been the most popular choice of fabric, it has always been around in one form or another and seems to make a resurgence with each new decade. So head on to your favorite shop and grab one of that cute corduroy skirt and set a trend now.