The elegance and beauty of antique mantel clocks is timeless. From the Victorian period until this day, lots of people find it awesome. The intricate designs of the old beauty of the mantel clock make it a perfect piece to keep.

The evolution of the mantel clock is a marketing domination scheme. In 1807, when Seth Thomas made his first Seth Thomas Antique mantel clocks – which are not antique that time, he encased them with wood. He made them high clocks and naming them as shelf-and-mantel clocks. He normally encased his clocks with mahogany wood. In 1945, he replaced the wood with iron. He totally stopped making wooden mantel clocks around that year.

rare antique carved wood ingraham

In the entrance of 1900, antique French mantel clocks became the fierce competitor of Seth Thomas. They produce onyx and marble encased-clocks. Seth Thomas and other American clock makers did not fail to respond to their new competitor. They made an iron encased- clock that resembles the antique French mantel clocks but with a much cheaper price. Today, the clocks of Seth Thomas and of his counterparts, remains elegant and well-loved by antique collectors.

good running condition seth thomas antique mantel clock

Shopping Tips  For Antique Mantel Clocks

Here are some tips on buying antique mantel clocks for sale:

  • Go to a reputable dealer. They have genuine antiques. Aside from that, their antiques are cleaned and cured properly.
  • Know the historical value. Study what types of clock are available in a certain period of time so that you will have an idea how much you will pay for a certain model.
  • Ask for guarantees. A good dealer gives money back guarantees for customer satisfaction. They also give guaranties for authenticity.
  • Ask for delivery scheme. How much the dealer will ask for the packing and shipping fee must be relayed to you. So, you can adjust your budget.
  • Identify the special qualities of the clock. Look for manufacturer signage, signature details and cryptic details that link the clock to a famous manufacturer in its time.
  • Ask for the resale value. If you are planning to resell it or you are in a buy and sell business knowing the resale value is very important.

authentic seth thomas mantle clock

Designing Tips

So, you have acquired your antique mantel clocks. Finding a place for it is the new dilemma. Here are some tips you can try:

  • Do not be afraid to mix old things with new ones.
  • Decide what you really want. Do you want the antique mantel clocks to be the focal point in your rooms? Or do you want them to be complementary pieces to blend with your other antiques?
  • Have a smooth transition of things from left to right. Group all the similar things in one place; like all plates are placed on middle part of the glass cabinet, glasses and wine glasses on top, spoon and fork at the bottom.
  • Play with lights. The effect of spotlights is drawing attention to antique mantel clocks. Light alone gives a sure impression.

all original antique black mantel clock

Buying online antique mantel clocks is made available so you can browse over many designs without going out. The reputable antique mantel clocks stores are: 1-800-4CLOCKS, Antique Auctions by Professionals and Liquidators (Florida), The Antique Clock Shop, Antique Clock Store, Antique Clocks from Mark of Time and Auction Fire.

Antique mantel clocks are beautiful, intricate and sturdy. It can be made of wood, iron, onyx or marble. Whatever it is made of, nothing compares to the elegance it transcends. Designing your home antique pieces needs artistic brainstorming. Having antique mantel clocks means having a piece of western heritage inside your home.