What mechanic tool has some of the biggest impact to the overall efficiency of a mechanic’s work? A good quality socket set is a must-have tool in every mechanic’s vehicle repair kit. The ultimate reason behind this is that it allows for easy replacement and removal of certain types of fasteners like Torx fittings, bolts and nuts where most of them are in places that are too tight for standard spanners or in areas where the nuts or bolts are snatched and the spanner falls loose.

socket set

What to Look Out For

Typically, a socket set consists of different wrench heads that are made to fit bolts in various sizes. If you are in the market for a craftsman socket set or socket wrench set, here are the basic qualities you should look for.

  • Good quality alloy – An alloy is a combination of steel and other materials placed under high heat in order to form a very durable end product. As for socket sets, low alloy is commonly used to ensure top quality and durable construction . When choosing, always make sure that the set is made from good materials that can withstand even the toughest jobs.
  • Right size – Another important quality of a decent socket set is having the right size. Most socket sets are measured in inches while others come in metrics. In some cases, both units of measurements are being used. When selecting, it is best to determine the car’s manufacturer beforehand since US cars typically use inches on fasteners while foreign models are usually measured in metrics.

craftsman socket set

  • Heavy Duty Capacity – If you are looking for socket sets with heavy duty capabilities, then an impact socket set is your best bet. Exclusively made for electric power or air impact tools, impact sockets can withstand even the most strenuous tasks and can be utilized along with specialized accessories like universal joints, extension, and adapters. Like impact sockets, these accessories can also keep up with extreme stress.
  • Warranty – A good brand of socket sets come with parts that are backed by reasonable warranties. Be sure to ask for warranty as this guarantees the superior quality of the product.

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Because not all of them are created equal, you will need to be cautious when purchasing your own socket set. Like other products, always settle for nothing but the best by choosing only from reputable brands like Allen wrench set. In this manner, you will not only enjoy an easy operation, but will reap the amazing benefits of a long lasting wrench set as well.