Men and women alike wear t-shirts for most of their casual outings. There are various types of tees available in the market and the most prominent of the variety are the round neck tees and the v neck shirts. However, round neck tees are a tad bit boring when it comes to stylizing it. On the other hand, there are at least 7 ways to wear v neck tees and to add glamour to your simple outfit.

Seven Fabulous Ways To Wear V Neck Tees

  • To spice up a normal V neck tee, you can tie a scarf around your neck in a bolder color.

  • V-neck shirts look good with a well cut gabardine jacket, preferably a snug fit, paired with a well fit jeans.

  • You can wear a plaid shirt in a deep color over a white V neck t-shirt and keep the buttons of the shirt open. Keep the shirt length equal to the t-shirt or else, it will look shabby. Team it up with well-fit trousers.

7 ways to wear v neck tees

  • Wear a formal shirt under a v neck t-shirt, tuck the shirt in for a cleaner look and let the shirt collar hang over of the sweater.

  • For women, v neck tees look better in full sleeves, pair it with a pair of straight fit jeans, and if you have a svelte figure, tuck the t-shirt in. Preferably, wear a tight fit t-shirt, too.

  • For a casual evening look, you can wear a round neck t-shirt and top it up with a deep V neck t-shirt for a cool look.

  • The final and the best way to wear v-neck shirts is with dark colored denims without any accessory. The plain look also is dashing.

Though only 7 ways to wear v neck tees are mentioned above, there are many more ways of how you can wear a v neck tee and still make it look unique. Another good thing about these 7 ways to wear v neck tees is they can be worn by both men and women, and are almost all of the ways barring one or two. However, even they can be worked on and made gender-appropriate.

Other Tips When Wearing V-Neck Shirts

  • One rule while wearing v neck t-shirts with shirts is trying to wear plain t-shirts than printed ones, they look better in v neck.

  • Be careful to apply sunscreen around your neck and upper chest area as they tend to get burnt in the sun and leave a v mark around your chest.

cute v neck shirts

  • Also, do not restrict yourself to the 7 ways to wear v neck tees only in with the v neck style. Even a round neck t-shirt can be worn in any of these styles and spice up the boring look.

  • Make sure you try different ways to accessorize the plain t-shirt that will change the casual look and make it party appropriate.

These 7 ways to wear v neck tees will suit all body types because v neck shirts as such suit all types of bodies. So, go ahead rock the evening and turn a simple shirt to a fabulous style statement.