Were you looking forward to sending Christmas cards this year until you realized how much it’s going to cost overall? If you’ve written a list of who you want to send Christmas cards to and it’s longer than you expected, you’re probably realizing that more people equals more money spent. Don’t miss anyone because of cost. Learn the 5 ways to save on Christmas cards so that you can reach out to everyone who’s important to you.

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How To Save On Christmas Cards

1.)    Trim your list a bit.

If you’ve had the same people on your Christmas card list for years, but you haven’t talked to them in a really long time, you can take them off your list guilt-free. Also, you can choose to send Christmas cards only to the people who you won’t be seeing over the holidays, such as relatives who live on the other side of the country.

2.)    Send postcards.

One of the 5 ways to save on Christmas cards is to send postcards instead. Postcards require less postage, which means you’ll save a ton of money on stamps. Plus, it’s easy to find postcards with Christmas and holiday themes. Alternatively, you can make your own postcards out of last year’s holiday cards, which means you’ll only need to purchase stamps.

3.)    Send e-cards.

E-cards may be a bit impersonal, but the biggest perk is that they’re free. Plus, they’re a cinch to send. You can customize e-cards with funny family photos or heartfelt messages.

4.)    Buy cards on sales.

One of the best of the 5 ways to save on Christmas cards is to purchase holiday cards on clearance. Once Christmas is over, Christmas cards go on big clearance sales. Buy your Christmas cards after this year’s holiday season to send out next year.

5.)    Don’t spend for a family photo.

Many families decide to incorporate a family photo into their Christmas cards. However, this means heading to a professional photography studio and paying for the photos. The more pictures and cards you want, the more money it’ll cost. Save by taking the photos yourself or having a camera-savvy friend shoot your holiday portraits. You can also find a family photo from the past year and use it on your Christmas cards. It doesn’t even have to be holiday-themed. For example, use a photo from your family’s summer vacation for a bright and beach-y holiday card.

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With any of the above 5 ways to save on Christmas Cards, you can now get in touch with everyone with thoughtful Christmas card messages without spending a bundle.