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5 Different Types of Slippers You Must Know | Content Injection

There are various brands and different types of slippers available in the market. You will easily get it in a shoe store, supermarket, department store, even a grocery store. Slippers are the footwear used to relax at home by men, women, and children. You usually use it at home after work with your office shoes during the day. Therefore, you must choose slippers carefully, and it must be done correctly according to the convenience factor. From the type of materials used to the shape of the slipper itself, all these should be considered.

Soft Sole Old Friend Slippers

A slipper has been around for centuries, and it is the option for the perfect Christmas gift. You will find the fact that there are different types of slippers you can get on the market. One of the them that could be your choice would be the Old Friend slippers which is durable and comfortable to wear. Here are the other different types of slippers that you should know:

5 Most Common Types of Slippers and their Features

1) Slip On Slippers

  • This is the most popular type of slippers in the public.
  • This is basically a piece of fabric that surrounds your foot with the heel exposed. Therefore, you will easily slip your foot to go and use it.
  • You will feel comfortable using it in the house because it can provide warmth to your feet.
  • It comes with a wide selection of colors which you can choose to suit your liking. You can choose an animal motif with bright colors and a few accessories for children.

2) Closed Back Slippers

  • Closed back slipper is almost similar to a slip-on slipper, but your heel will also be closed to prevent your foot from slipping out and flipping off.
  • Closed back slippers with hard-soled type are very popular among men.
  • Several types of them come with a fleece which makes your feet warm in winter. This style is perfect for women and girls.

3) Moccasins

Experience Old Friend Slippers

  • A moccasin is usually the favorite choice by most adults.
  • It made of soft leather and have a harder sole compared to the other types.
  • The form is more like a shoe. Therefore, you can wear it outdoors.
  • This moccasin has a wide variety of colors, but brown is a popular color.
  • You’ll find they come with a strap or tassel as decoration in those moccasin designs made for women.

4) Novelty Slippers

  • This slipper is suitable as a Christmas gift because of its shape, which resembles the popular cartoon character or cute animals such as rabbits, ducks, cows, and so forth.
  • It is made of very soft material and comes in a large size, which covers the entire foot.
  • It can keep your feet warm in winter with a cute and unique appearance.

5) Slipper Socks

  • The shape is similar to socks, but these are really slippers.
  • There’s grip on the soles of slipper socks that make it easy to shift and the materials used are also much thicker than the normal socks.
  • These slippers provide maximum warmth as compared to other types and allow you to keep it on while sleeping. It makes the slipper socks increase in popularity from time to time.

Slippers Types Final Words

Hopefully, knowledge of the five different types of slippers types mentioned above can help you choose the right slipper for you. Good luck!