The 24v power supply is a commonly used item for a variety of charging and power tasks. These power supplies provide consistent, regulated power for applications requiring a strong electrical supply. You can find 24v power supply models in both alternating and direct current models to suit your project needs with ease. Common providers include online retailers as well as electronics and hobby retailers.

standard 24v ac power supply

Common uses for 24v power supply units

  • Battery chargers: Most remote control vehicles require 24v chargers for consistent, quick charging. Other recreational and children’s motorized toys also require 24v power supply adapters to power their chargers as well. When purchasing a supply, always check if you need alternating or direct current as many high-end chargers require 24v dc power supply units to function.
  • Electronic devices: High power devices, such as music mixing equipment, amplifiers and synthesizers often use 24v power supply units. Other uses include hobbyist breadboards and other do-it-yourself electronics. In most cases, these 24v switching power supply models are self contained with specific end adapters. Check your device or consult the manufacturer prior to purchase to ensure that the adapter will fit your device properly.

uni-t 24v dc powerful power supply

  • File Servers: Many popular servers use a 24v power supply for increased stability while powering a large number of devices. These 24v power supply features often include advanced specifications to ensure an even, clean source of power for sensitive electronics. These 24v ac power supply designs are often cheaper than other specialized power supplies. This makes them popular amongst hobbyists and RC vehicle operators.

genuine hp ac power supply

If you are unsure of the specific 24 power supply needed for your device, there are adjustable units available. These adapters allow you to customize a wide variety of settings for use with nearly any 24v device. Customization options include:

  • Voltage
  • Amperage
  • Adapter plug pieces
  • Alternating or direct current
  • Receptacle shape

350W 24V regulated  switching power supply

 Safety Precautions

Electricity can be extremely dangerous when used improperly. Risks range from slight shocks and burns to fires, explosions and serious, if not fatal, injuries. Caution should be exercised at all times when using a 24v power supply. If you are unsure how to safely operate or choose your power supply, request assistance at your local hardware, electronics or hobby store to prevent potential injury or damage. Common safety practices when using a 24v power supply include:

  1. Avoid using 24v power supply adapters with 12v devices. While the device might run, this poses a serious risk of overheating and electrical damage.
  2. Always disconnect a 24v power supply and discharge capacitors before accessing internal electrical components. After disconnecting the power, there may still be a charge within the components of the device. Pressing the power switch with the 24v power supply disconnected is a common way of discharging any stored power.
  3. Never use a 24v power supply near liquids. Many liquids are highly conductive. All it takes is one quick rain shower or a spilled beverage to not only ruin your project or device but put yourself at great physical risk as well.