Skagen Designs is known throughout the world as designers of high-quality, stunning timepieces. From the Swiss movements to the titanium face plates and top-grain leather bands, every part of Skagen watches show sophistication, class and refinement. This has lead Skagen watches to be some of the most sought after watches in the world. Should you ever need to fix your watch, Skagen watch repair services can ensure that your watch is not damaged and works as well as the day you purchased it.

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Skagen watches review listings are easy to find on most online watch retail sites. In general, these reviews are outstanding. From comfortable bands to dependable craftsmanship, it is easy to see that Skagen watches are built to last.

Popular Models

Popular Skagen watch models include:

  • Titanium Links for Men 585: This Skagen titanium watch features a titanium case and links for a ultra light feel and outstanding durability. A limited lifetime warranty ensures worry-free performance and enjoyment. A sunray gray dial ties the look together for a clean, professional appearance.

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  • Silver Tone Bracelet 354: This Skagen women’s watch features a thin silver tone mesh band, 12 Swarovski crystals and a beautiful gold tone border, hands and connectors for a classy, upscale look any woman can appreciate.
  • Textured Strap and Steel 331: This Skagen watch combines function and class with a genuine leather band, brushed stainless steel casing and multifunction faceplate that offers the date, time and 24-hour time at a glance. The indicators are polished chrome for a stunning appearance.

While the limited lifetime warranty covers most aspects of a Skagen watch, unexpected accidents sometimes happen. When this happens, Skagen watches repair services can help get your watch back to its original condition. Popular services include:

  • Crystal replacement
  • Dial refinishing
  • Movement servicing and repair
  • Battery replacement
  • Stem and crown replacement

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If you do not have a local timepiece dealer qualified for Skagen watch repair, numerous services are available online for your convenience. Many of these services offer free shipping and tracking to ensure that your watch is always safe and secure. Popular online Skagen watch repair services include:

  • Total Watch Repair
  • Watch Repairs USA
  • Watchmaker to the Stars

While certified Skagen watch repair services can handle advanced needs, basic tasks, such as cleaning your Skagen titanium watch can be safely performed at home. Recommended cleaning steps vary depending on the materials for the watch. If you are unsure of the proper method to use, the manual for your Skagen watch should help clarify. These tips will help you get started:

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  • Titanium or metallic bands: Mix three parts ammonia-based window cleaner with one part water and apply with a soft cloth or brush. Rubbing alcohol may also be used in a four part alcohol to one part water ratio. For mesh bands, a soft-bristle toothbrush can help get into crevices without damaging the metals or finish.
  • Rubber or leather: These bands can be cleaned with warm water and soft rag. Avoid harsh cleaners to prevent damaging the leather. Should the band become dry from washing, leather conditioner can help to soften the band again.