Boots are the quintessential part of every woman’s wardrobe. They hold up and complete the entire outfit. Regardless of your body shape and personal style, there are at least 10 ways to wear boots for every mood and occasion. When worn the right way, boots can truly enhance your appearance, adding an exclamation point to a fashion statement or lending a touch of class to an otherwise casual look.

be elegant with boots and dress and socks

Various Ways Of Wearing Boots

Here are 10 ways to wear boots for different outfits, occasions, and body types:

1.)  Tall boots with short skirts

This youthful look fits most body types and accentuates the female figure. For any boots worn with short skirts or minis, remember to leave your kneecap exposed, and to wear tights for colder seasons.

2.)  Tucked slim jeans

A classic western look, best suited to those with tall, slim legs. Tucked into a pair of knee-high boots, a pair of jeans can be both neat and stylish.

3.)  Matching tights and boots

Whether or not you have perfect legs, wearing tights can provide several exciting ways of matching your outfit. In general, if you wear bright colored tights, try to wear skin tone boots or the usual brown or black boots. Conversely, you can wear colored boots if you are wearing light-colored tights. On this list of 10 ways to wear boots, this tip is possibly the most useful.

4.)  Heavy heels Long skirts with

Long, straight skirts can give an unwanted sloppy impression, if worn badly. Wearing heavy heels provides your skirt with a strong complement. Just be sure that your boots still show under your skirt.

5.)  Riding boots and tights

If you are very slim, riding boots can give the impression of thicker legs. Wear black tights to complete the illusion, and couple with a plaid skirt for an edgy and alternative look.

6.)  Worn leather and frock

A pair of beat-up leather boots gives your outfit a down to earth look, but can be hard to match. If in doubt, go for the classic choices – a pair of slim jeans or a frock is native to the western look and a guaranteed success.

7.)  Slouchy boots and skinny pants

Slouchy boots can be a real savior for some outfits, and are very forgiving on leg shape. Though there are at least 10 ways to wear boots of this kind, slouchy boots suit skinny pants or long skirts particularly well.

8.)  Fitted slim high boots

If you have worked hard to have great legs, you owe it to yourself to fit them in a pair of high boots. Make sure that the boots are not too loose or too tight, no more than half an inch of breathable allowance for your legs inside the boots.

9.)  Dresses and high boots

An often overlooked combination, high boots can be coupled with casual dresses for a simple yet classy effect.

10.)   Ankle boots under long pants

This is a favorite look among professionals and celebrities, lending an air of class to the casual outfit.

women in loose fitting swwater and ankle boots

These 10 ways to wear boots are but a few of the many possibilities that you can explore when shopping for a new pair of boots, such as Report boots.