Mobile Auto Repair for Your Convenience

How often do you drive a car? What is its impact to your daily routine in general? The world today has evolved so much with an increasing dependency to cars we drive. Today, a car is no longer an item of luxury but a great necessity for everyone. It does not matter whether you work in your house or a few miles from your home, everyone needs a car to take them to important meetings or even visit friends. However, like any other machine, cars are bound to malfunction at some point in time. This is when you need a mobile auto repair at yours service. So many people find it a great inconvenience when their car breaks down and they have to take it to a repair shop, where it stays for a few days before they get it back. However, this might be the only way to go about it unless you have an auto repair mechanic at your disposal.

mobile auto repair

Common Types of Auto Repair

There are different types of auto repair for cars. Some common types include

  • Mobile auto glass repair,
  • Mobile auto body repair,
  • Mobile auto general repair,
  • Mobile auto parts repair

Weighing Your Auto Repair Options

If you have just made a car purchase, then it is time to get a mobile auto repair. There are several ways to do this; one you can decide to rely on a closer auto repair shop to provide mobile auto repair service for you or you can hire an auto repair mechanic who will be servicing your car. There are several advantages of having a mechanic for this. One great advantage is the fact that mechanics have all the tools that will be required for such jobs. You do not have to purchase these tools for yourself. Mechanics will also reduce expenses incurred on repairs since you can negotiate prices for each repair. You should, therefore, consider what will work for your best, a mechanic or a repair shop.

mobile auto repair service

Important Considerations for Repair

One great disadvantage with repair shops is the time it takes to have your car repaired. Sometimes this can take days, a great inconvenience and interruption to your normal way of life. In any case, the tips below should guide you in getting the best mobile auto repair;

  • Consider the car you have: can the auto repair maintain it effectively or does it need special attention when it comes to parts?
  • What is the price for maintenance? Is there a better and cheaper option?
  • How long will repairs take? You should get something that will work as fast as possible.

With above basic questions, you should get a good and convenient mobile auto repair for your car. Ensure quality and efficiency as that is what matters the most. When you feel confident that you can take care of your car maintenance, you should consider Lisle tools. Their tools are known in the market to provide quality results and easy operations.

Use Lisle Tools To Get The Job Done

What constitutes a good tool? There is an old saying about a professional only being as good as the tools that he has at his disposal, which may explain why mechanics have turned to Lisle tools since 1903. With over 450 specialty products available, as well as a host of other items essential to mechanics, Lisle have what is widely regarded as the most comprehensive collection of tools available in one place. You need only take a quick look at the Lisle tools catalog to immediately see that this is your one stop source for tools and equipment of all shapes and sizes.

lisle tools

What Exactly Does Lisle Have To Offer?

To list all of the items that Lisle carries would require a lot more space than what is available here, but go take a look at just some of what’s on offer:

  • Brake tools – calipers, brushes, cylinder hones
  • Suspension tools – ball joint separator, tie rod separator
  • Exhaust tools – pipe stretcher kit, pipe end shaper
  • Engine tools – oxygen sensor socket
  • Much, much more

That is basically just scratching the surface of all the Lisle automotive tools that are on offer. You will find an extensive list under several different categories, and all at prices that are extremely competitive.

lisle tools catalog

There Are Always New Tools On Offer

The automotive industry is not one that stands still, with new technologies constantly being added with each new vehicle release. New parts mean that new tools are often required to repair them if they should happen to fail. Lisle tools understands that need perfectly, which is why you will always find new tools on offer any time you visit their website. They will regularly update their catalog, so it’s always a good idea to check in every month or so to ensure that you have all the latest items available. You can do this by taking a look at their new items page, or by simply going to the category that you are most interested in, such as Lisle brake tools.

In Conclusion

As a consumer shopping for automotive tools, you have an almost unlimited option of places where you can go to shop. The internet has made those choices expand even further, but what very few can offer is the quality, quantity, and experience that Lisle tools delivers on a daily basis. When you are talking about a company that has been in business and thriving for over one hundred years, you know you are dealing with someone special. This is no fly by night company that will be gone overnight, but rather a trusted company that has been delivering quality automotive tools to help mechanics keep your cars on the road. Yes, you might find cheaper alternatives elsewhere, but that usually means settling for tools that won’t stand up to the rigors of daily use. Going with Lisle tools for your garage or home shop means going with the best that the industry has to offer.

Getting the Job Done with a Car Maintenance Guide

The car needs work. The garage charges more than you can afford. The work doesn’t sound like much. The garage only needs an hour to complete the job. If you had the right tools and a comprehensive car maintenance guide, you’re sure you could do the work yourself. The weekend is free. Your neighbor volunteered to help. How do you make your decision?

car maintenance guide

Should You Do the Work Yourself?

First things first, check with your local parts store or go on line to a reputable provider like Lisle Tools to get your hands on a good, comprehensive car maintenance guide for your year, make, and model car. Don’t assume the job will be an easy one until you have read the steps required to complete the work start to finish.

Next, check the tools you’ll need. Do you have everything? Can you rent them or will you need to buy them? Don’t try to use substitutes, the job will be twice as hard or you may break something else in the process.

Third, are all the parts available and at what price?

Now that you know the real cost, time, and difficulty of tackling the job yourself, you can make a more informed decision as to whether the DIY route is the way to go. If so, gather your guide, tools, and parts together and make sure you have everything before you start. There is nothing more frustrating than being in the middle of the job and finding yourself back at the store looking for a part that might not be in stock. Don’t forget the car maintenance guide. You may have done this job a hundred times, but if this one time, something goes wrong, you’ll be glad you have it.

lisle tools

Benefits of DIY Car Maintenance

Why would you take on the job of car maintenance in the first place with all the technology resident in cars today? Isn’t it easier to take your car to the garage? Certainly, but there are several advantages to the DIY route, at least for simple maintenance.

  • You become more familiar with your car
  • You gain the satisfaction of completing something outside your comfort zone
  • You gain confidence that you can fix simple things should they break on the open road
  • You are less likely to be “taken in” by unscrupulous mechanics
  • You save money in most cases

Today’s cars are certainly not as simple as granddad’s Model-T, but that should not deter you from knowing as much as you can about the operation of your car and handling the simple maintenance tasks associated with it. Get a good comprehensive guide, do your homework, take your time, and have fun.

Basic Automotive Troubleshooting Tools For The DIY Guy

What are the essential tools needed for automotive troubleshooting? Today, there are tools available for all kinds of automotive repair, and many people have a hard time choosing the best basic automotive troubleshooting tools for the job. When auto troubleshooting, it can be difficult for a person to repair their own vehicle, especially when there are difficult guides to follow.

basic automotive troubleshooting tools

Auto troubleshooting and repair requires a person to know what the exact problem that is going on with the vehicle. Most people just simply take their vehicle to a repair shop to get it repaired, which can be very costly. This is advisable if unsure of what the exact automotive problem is. It is best to take the vehicle to a repair shop instead of trying to fix it and causing even bigger problems.

Doing It Yourself

For those that can figure out the exact automotive problem they are having, there are hundreds of tools available to help assist in getting the problem repaired. Some of the best basic automotive troubleshooting tools can be found in auto repair stores or online, as well as other places. When purchasing troubleshooting tools, it is best that a how-to-use guide is purchased along with the tool or tools. One of the best online sources for purchasing troubleshooting specialty tools is Lisle Tool Corporation. Lisle Tools has been in existence since the year of 1903, and continues to serve people from all around with their tool needs.

Kinds Of Tools Lisle Offers

Lisle is the leader in the development and marketing of all kind of tools for each person’s automotive needs, and the tools come from the Lisle engineering department. Some of the best troubleshooting tools Lisle offers are:

  • Spring Brake – Tool Used for installing and removing import brake springs for import cars. This tool will also work on domestic vehicles that do not contain anchor pins.
  • Oil Filter Pliers – Used for replacing parts such as radiator caps and fuel filters.
  • The Disc Brake Pad Spreader – Helps to install brake pads on cars, trucks, including domestic and import vehicles.

lisle tools

Lisle Corporation also accepts new inventions of basic troubleshooting tools for mechanics that have come up with their own creations. Lisle Corporation evaluates the tool, produces it, and sells it if it is an appropriate useful tool for automotive repair. Customers with their own tool invention will have to go through a process, but it is simple to begin. Not everyone’s tools will be approved through the Lisle Corporation. The Corporation also sells other basic troubleshooting tool such as disconnect tools. Disconnect tools can include:

  • Fuel Line Disc Set – Made for disconnecting fuel lines
  • Flex Fuel Disconnect – Associated with disconnection of fuel systems and parts
  • Jiffy-Tite Disconnect – removes lines from jiffy-tite connect fittings

Lisle Warehouse Corporation is the one stop tool shop for everyone’s tool needs and not only basic automotive troubleshooting tools used by common DIYers.

Understanding Automotive Tools

Automotive tools are highly important if you are involved with cars. Without these tools, it would be impossible to figure out what to do in the event that your car will break down or needs maintenance. How often do you check your cars for maintenance purposes? Are you familiar with all the tools needed. It might be your own cars in your garage or your own car business. You might be involved with classic cars from the 1960s or latest and highly admired rides that everybody wants to own. Despite the case, there is that need to be knowledgeable on tools that will make your work easier.

automotive tools

Most Common Automotive Tools

There are different types of automotive specialty tools that you can use, with each type focusing on a specific part of a car. Some of these include brakes, wheels, fuel, doors and engine. Below is a list of most common tools (automotive) that you will need;

  • Suction cups
  • Brake bleeder vacuum
  • Fuel injection probes
  • Tire repair kits
  • Torque socket sets
  • Wheel stud installers
  • Brake bleeders
  • Fuel injector testers
  • Torque extensions


Automotive diagnostic tools together with other types of automotive tools are exceedingly noteworthy. However, each one of above listed tools has its use. Brake bleeder vacuums and brake bleeders are used for brakes. You will need them whether you are using an old or new car. For fuel problems, you need fuel injector testers as a diagnostic tool and fuel injector probes to work on outlined diagnosed problems.

There are cases where you need to learn specific automotive scan tools or any other tool types you need depending on which car you have. For example, if you have a small sports car, tire tools that you will need will be different from the ones used for USVs or trucks. However, some of the most commonly used tire tools include wheel stud installers and tire repair kits. Tire repair kits have all tools you need for basic repairs. Together with a stud installer, you cannot be stuck on the road because of a punctured tire.

automotive diagnostic tools

Automotive Tools Selection Tips

When on the market looking for automotive tools that you will be using, there are several tips that can make this venture successful. They are as follows;

  • Understand what works for your car. If you have a large car, its tire tools will be different in size from those of a smaller car.
  • Go for quality as some low quality tools can fail you when you are in need.
  • Ensure you know how each tool is used before you make a purchase
  • Read user reviews to know the best tools for your car.

Automotive tools are highly significant if you own a car or you are in car repair business. Make sure you purchase the tools you need. Among the numerous names selling car tools, Lisle has been known for its product’s high standard and quality. Lisle tools offers highly competitive tools that anyone can use from a simple garage to the high octane formula one circuits.

Troubleshooting Guide for Pool Pumps

Designed for efficiency, the troubleshooting guide for pool pumps ensures that you are able to fix a pool pump breakdown as fast as possible before it can have a huge impact. It is obvious that pool pumps will at one point breakdown, and how fast and effectively you handle the problem is what really matters. Regardless of what brand you have, whether the Hayward super pump or other brands, you will find this troubleshooting guide extremely useful.

 troubleshooting guide for pool pumps

Common Signs of Pool Pump Breakdown

How do you establish that you need to make use of the troubleshooting guide for pool pumps? The reasons why pool pumps breakdown are many. Running the pump with pool prime or leaking pipes are example of such problems. Here are some common signs.

  • The pool pump fails to run. This problem is mainly caused by faulty switches, breakers or timers.
  • The pool pump running too hot and going off. This problem emanates from the power source especially where it is not adequate. Undersized rating may also be a contributory factor.
  • The pump becoming too noisy. Excessive noise is a sign that there are parts that need replacing. The bearings, for instance, could be worn out. Corrosion is another cause, which can be easily handled.
  • The pump cuts on/off regularly. This too is an electrical problem that needs expert attention.
  • Presence of water bubbles in the swimming pool. Bubbles are pointers that there is some leaking taking place; whether from the underground pipes, faulty skimmer or gasket is damaged.
  • The pump lacks adequate pressure. Clogging or debris in the piping system is usually the main problem.
  • High energy consumption. The secret to reducing energy consumption for your pool pump is to make filtration more efficient and probably upgrade to the energy efficient pool pumps.

 hayward super pump

Specific Steps for Troubleshooting Pool Pumps

So, after you have established the source of your pump’s problem, how do you fix it? This troubleshooting guide for pool pumps takes through the specific steps that you may take to get your pump working properly again.

  • Troubleshoot the pool pump motor. Pump motor fails if it lacks power or because of failure of the circuit breaker. Ensure that these two are working as supposed, and if there is no improvement, expert attention may be necessary.
  • Troubleshoot the pool pump’s wet end. The part that’s called the wet end consists of these parts: impeller, seal, pump cover gasket, pump housing and the drain plugs. Check any of these, if your motor is working and the pump cannot function properly.
  • Make your pump run free of air. Make sure that all parts capable of leaking are fast sealed to keep air totally out. These parts are the suction valve, drain plugs, volute gasket and the pump lid gasket. Keeping them completely air tight is of paramount importance.

What if the troubleshooting guide is not working? At this point, you may consider replacing the entire unit. This troubleshooting guide is a simple process that you can do by yourself very easily. Use this guide and fix your pool pump fast and effectively.

Tips In Choosing Pool Pumps

Do you want to have your own pool in the house? Pools are at a lot of fun and many house owners want to have a pool in their yard. However, it is not as simple as it seems to simply install a pool and enjoy every day. If you want to enjoy in your pool, you should know how to maintain it so that it is clean and hygienic. A pool that is not cleaned regularly can invite a number of diseases. Maintaining a pool is definitely no joke and thus, investing in pool pumps is ideal. These pumps have an electric motor, which is present in the pump room. The pump will work to redistribute water through filters, strainers, and drains until the water is clean and can be used without problems.

pool pumps

Factors To Consider

If you look in the market you will find numerous different types of swimming pool pumps. They are categorized based on numerous factors. More information about pool pumpshas been given as follows:

  • Above Ground Or In-Ground – Depending on the location, you can choose either above ground pool pumpsor in-ground pool pumps. The latter are better because drawing water is easier for them when compared to the above ground pools. However, installation of an in ground pump is not easy. It takes a lot of effort. Depending on your preference, you can decide between the two.

  • Speed – Another way of choosing pumpsis based on the speed in which it pumps water in or out. You can choose from single pump, two-sped pump, and variable speed pump. The single pump works at a consistent speed. They are efficient and affordable but the downside is that they may end up consuming too much power. The two speed pumps work on two different speeds and you can choose the speed required accordingly. Variable speed pump offers different speeds and this feature will help you save a lot of money in the long run.

swimming pool pumps

  • Size – There are large pool pumpsand there are smaller pumps. The right one for you will depend upon the size of your pool. Obviously, a large pump is ideal for a large pool and a small pump is ideal for a small pool. If you use a pump that is too large for the pool, you might find it efficient but you will have to spend more money than required in the long term. A small pool pump for a large pool simply won’t work efficiently.

Depending on your needs, you can buy the right pool cover pumps. You have numerous models such as the Hayward super pumpto choose from. Your job is to evaluate your needs and make a purchase accordingly.

High Performance Hayward Super Pump Effective for Swimming Pools

What makes Hayward pumps great? Using a Hayward super pump is synonymous to having a technically advanced large-capacity pump at your disposal. It is a super example of a cost efficient designed device that has set a minimum standard of value and excellence in the genre of modern pumps for swimming pools. The pump is carefully designed for spas and in-ground pools of almost every type. The super pump is a combination of high performance and improved technology. It is efficient, reliable and even boosted with longevity.

hayward super pump

Hayward is a renowned pump-manufacturing company. They aim to offer a helping hand to pool owners by manufacturing efficient products that require low maintenance and add true value to investments. The equipments of Hayward pumps come with cutting-edge technology and offer innovated pool equipments throughout the world for eighty years now. They offer pumping equipments perfect for backyard provisions. The advanced machinery line consists of heaters, filters, heat pumps, lighting, pool controls, salt-chlorine generators among others.

Types Of Hayward Super Pumps

Some of the variants of super pumps are listed below:

  • Sta-Rite Pumps
  • Astral Pumps
  • Certikin Pumps
  • Pool pumps
  • Mega pumps

Features Of Hayward Pumps

Pumps are one of the finest and advanced equipments of the world. They offer effective service and are even highly durable in nature under extreme conditions. Hayward super pump parts are also of highest quality, making the equipment one of the finest pumping devices for swimming pools and other spas. Their high capacity motors help fill up or extract water to or from pools in a very short time. Swing aside hand knobs offer enough advantage for cleaning strains. In addition to these, the load-extender ribs allow free-flow of operation. They are also safe and easy to operate. Added features are mentioned as follows:

  • Low sound emission, practically soundless in operation
  • Helps resist saline and chemical corrosion (under normal situations)
  • Noryl impeller offers high and standard performance
  • Highly economical, low in electricity consumption

hayward super ii pump

Advantages Of Hayward Super Pump

Such pumps offer plenty of advantages. Large see-through containers and super-sized basket for collection of debris adds extra protection from any kind of waste material that flow with the water. The design of the machine is even convenient for storage and conveyance. Mounting base of uni-bracket system offers splendid support, stress resistance and even versatility that is required for any kind of installation process. The Hayward super pump motor also achieves 48 to 56 frames, adding power for super performance. Several advantages that the hi-end swimming pool pump offers can be dubbed as follows:

  • Ceramic seal of industrial size and is even heat resistant in nature
  • Self priming and energy efficient

A Hayward super II pump comes as a relief to offer tremendous power and service for filling up larger swimming pools easily. Their extra power is outstanding with effective full-flow hydraulics that allows greater volume of water flow at considerably lower costs.


These advanced pumping facilities are therefore the latest innovation in the genre. In case, anyone wants to have a guaranteed product with great serviceability, Hayward super pumps would definitely take the leading position.

Getting To Know The Various Models Of Hayward Pumps

Have you ever wondered about the various benefits of having a good pump like Hayward pumps for your pool? Swimming is all about fun, frolic, laughter and bonding with the family. If you have a pool at home, you know exactly how special swimming time is. All of you come out of your busy schedules and enter the pool to spend some time together. You play around, swim, have lots of fun, and forget everything about your work for a while.

hayward pumps

However, there is another aspect to swimming pools. Only when you keep your pool clean will you be able to have all the fun in the world in it. An unclean pool is highly unsanitary and can breed diseases because of the growth of bacteria and other harmful organisms. It is very easy for a pool to get contaminated and as the owner; you have to do everything it takes to keep it clean. Some of you might find it arduous and painstaking but the fun you can have in a clean pool makes it worth the effort. In order to keep the pool clean you need a good pump and nothing matches Hayward pumpsin this regard. A huge advantage of these pumps beside energy efficiency is the fact that these pumps are quieter and cooler when compared to the others.

hayward pool pumps

Popular Models

There are many different types of Hayward pool pumpsfor you to choose from based on your requirements. Here are some of the popular models to make things easier for you:

  • Hayward Northstar

If you have a medium-sized pool, these are the ideal Hayward pumpsfor you. They are hydraulically engineered and are very powerful. The surface of these pumps is coated with the Perma-Coat technology. This technology makes sure that the surface does not corrode as easily as it generally would.

  • Hayward TriStar

If you are looking for an energy-efficient model of Hayward heat pumps, thenyou should choose this one. It will help you save a lot of money in the long run because of its efficiency. Its frame is durable and makes it reliable in any environmental conditions. Within TriStar, you will find more Hayward pumpssuch as TriStar Energy Solution and TriStar Waterfall. You can choose based on your preference.

  • Hayward Super Pump

The super pump from Hayward is for large pools. Large pools require more maintenance. This pump is highly technologically advanced and is energy efficient at the same time. Thus, you will have high performance and you won’t need to overspend.

Whether it is the pumps you are looking for or Hayward pool pumps parts, you can search online for various options to choose from. They are all backed by a good warranty period too.

Essential Buying Guide For Water Pumps

Before you buy the water pump, what do you need it for? The versatility of electric water pumps cannot be gainsaid. You can check the Hayward super pump. Depending of the various types of water pumps available, there is very little you cannot do that concerns water pumping with these pieces of equipment. Notably, as a buying guide for water pumps, it’s worth noting that there are electric-powered and gas-powered water pumps. The choice between the two depends of the level of activity to be done.

buying guide for water pumps

Why Would You Need A Water Pump?

Water pumps are used for pumping water through pipe system for the following purposes:

  • Draining water in case of flooding
  • Either draining or filling up the swimming pool
  • Pumping water for irrigation purposes and sprinkling
  • Spraying pesticides and fertilizers
  • Used in construction sites to provide water

Buying Guide For Water Pumps

As you have already seen, there are so many kinds of water pumps available designed to perform various pumping tasks. But how do you choose the exact one that you need? The following criteria may be helpful to you so that you save on costs and increase the efficiency and longevity of your water pump.

  • Jet pumps

These are extensively used around the home for pumping water from water wells. They are relatively cheap to acquire and maintain and not so powerful.

  • Trash pumps

Pumps of this kind are mainly used in construction sites where the water to be pumped is contaminated with solid matter. Being a little more powerful, they can handle rocks really well and are designed to pump all solid matter contained in water.

  • Well pumps

As their name suggests, they are used for pumping water out of deep wells. By their design, they can also be used to pump relatively thin liquids, with or without solids depending on the type of impeller chosen.

  • Flexible impeller pumps

They are relatively low-cost and not as powerful. Liquids such as water, seawater and other thin liquids are easily pumped using the flexible impeller pumps. Little amount of solids also can’t do any harm.

hayward super pump

Troubleshooting Guide

One of the important aspects of the buying guide for water pumps is that it can help you identify when your water pump is on the fritz and most importantly how to troubleshoot it. Some common signs of trouble with your water pump include:

  • Low water pressure at the end
  • The pump going alternately on-off
  • Clicking or chattering at the pressure knob
  • Leaking water

All these are some signs that something could be wrong, either with the water pump itself or the source of water. Then, there is also the risk of corrosion to the parts of the water pump. When the pump is used to transport other fluid like seawater, it is prone to get corroded, thereby reducing its life and efficiency.

Then, there is overheating. This is the surest sign that inside workings of your pump are not good. Fixing this, you may need to consult an expert or replace the faulty piece, if you can rightly identify it.