Tartan miniskirt

It is amazing the way the women’s zeal for Tartan miniskirts never seems to die down. This piece of fashion is fabulous for women who love to look fresh and chic as well as comfortable in them. Indeed, there is something unique in the crisscrossing pattern and combination and variation of colors that fascinates women. Many women have agreed that the black miniskirt is the best since black is versatile.

Tartan miniskirts are one big fashion that has come a long way. This piece is one that can be worn in any occasion for perfect look. All you need is the good choice of colors and pattern that would suit you best. As the current trends suggests, the skirts are not only famous with the design but also with the pattern since women have been playing around with various designs.

Today, the Pink Tartan mini skirts are available in all kinds of fabric to suit women. The most fabricated miniskirts are available in both cotton and wool making women more relaxed and comfortable in all seasons.

red tartan check pleated mini skirt

You can wear the miniskirts and look stylish. Here are a few simple tips for you:

1. Donning a pleated tartan miniskirt can always look amazingly cute. However, if you are in a micro tartan miniskirt, always remember to wear opaque tights or leggings. Besides that, you can downsize your top half with a well fitting classic jacket or blouse.

2. Always stay smooth. Your skin should be soft and well-oiled. Make your legs super hot and fantastic by applying your favorite body oil.

3. Funky shoes have been proved to be the best for miniskirts. Miniskirts work well with clunky logs, sneaker, lace up boots and thick-soled heels as long as they are thick depending on the style you carry. Maybe some black cowboy boots may be the best. Avoid stilettos, flip flops, sandals.

4. Stay in the same color of the skirt. Tartan usually has at least three or four different colors in the design. The only time that you should not try matching is when you are coupling a black or white piece of cloth.

5. Ensure you keep your top solid, or a print in one or two basic colors or even something like tiny dots or subtle flowers, to match the skirt. Tartan looks good in any top of all kinds of fabric from wool, silk to cotton or whatever is weather perfect.

chic pink tartan mini skirt

As the tartan miniskirts are available in tons of leading stores in varied print sizes, it is wise you get yourself one now.

Tartan trousers

When you think of Scottish people, the very first thing that should appear in your mind is tartan trousers and probably beautiful blankets and kilts. This plaid pattern that was invented in the 3rd century is small but used and known by the whole world.
Nowadays, the plaid pattern has great usage in the world’s fashion. Celebrities can be seen in them. They usually vary in the amount of stripes and color; however, the pattern is always vertical bands or crisscrossed horizontal.

skinny fashionable tartan trouser

There are two types of tartan trousers, and these are:

1. Conventional

The trousers can be worn in any occasion whether informal or semi-formal and as the normal one, it has pleats at the front, pockets, standard belt loop or wider for a kilt belt, side tabs.

2. Trews

Trews differ from the normal trousers. They are designed for evening wear. They are usually tight in the leg; however, nowadays they can be customized depending on individual taste. They normally sit higher on the waist hence the need to use suspenders. They can be worn with boots.

Tartan dress pants buying guide

Any well dressed person needs a tartan pants and this buying guide will certainly give you details you need to find pants that will make your life complete and perfect your style.


Check on the fabric used according to your needs. Cotton may be the excellent choice for tartan pants for both men and women especially in the hot and warm weather. You can wash them at home and unlike the wool you do not clean them once you wear them.

Pleated front

Do you know that pleats work well with larger thighs and for the big-bodied? Maybe one or two pleats can give a classic elegant look; however, it requires cuffs. Similarly, a flat front pant is the modern style for slim men that do not accommodate those with large thighs.

deluxe tartan trouser

Before getting your own tartan trousers, here are some tips for you:

* In case you want to overcome your height disadvantages when attending an interview or going out for a date, avoid mens tartan trousers. Tartan trousers with horizontal lines don’t belong perfectly to some of these occasions since the belt is horizontal.

* Very few people do look good with tartan plaid trousers. One thing that many should understand is that tartan pants are not for everybody and if you are not careful you will end up looking like you are grandma’s outfit. The only way to wear the trousers is to wear them skinny, which is not the thing of people with bulky legs.

* Avoid bringing over your crazy bling jewel and hats. Tartan outfit is best when kept to the minimal since the plaid will work. Stay away from dull and mundane colors especially for womens tartan trousers.

Tartan trousers and patterns are still recognized today and if you are a lover of Celtic culture and myth, you might as well get yourself one today.

Tartan dress

Women always prefer to stay updated in the field of fashion and the tartan dresses are surely one of the selection that will keep you on track. Tartan is a Scottish fabric design and masterpiece that has got great responses from the public and with their promotions even through movies more and more people have started to notice them and started to show a liking towards them. These geeky and head-turning Tartan dress has become a frequent sight at all fashion events and no ramp walk seems to miss this fine piece of dress. From depicting cute school girls to sassy women, a tartan dress is indeed one of the most popular choices today.

well- designed jemma tartan skater dress

So it is obvious that women would want to get their hands on at least one of the tartan dress and add them to their wardrobe. The girls tartan dress has a unique structure and with a tartan cashmere scarf, you would definitely stand out in the crowd and grab any onlooker’s attention. Another great advantage of a tartan dress is its comfort and warmth it offers covering up your body with the soft cozy fabric. It is the various patterns that defines the womens tartan dress and the various patterns and combination of colors is what makes them alluring and appealing to someone who sees it. If you are confused between the different varieties of these dresses, you might want to check out the woven tartan slim sheath dress, carven asymmetric twill dress, McQ by Alexander McQueen and Tsumori Chisato strapless tartan dress and you can also dig in deep to find plenty of other designs and make sure that you research on before purchasing any of them.

decent stylish tartan product dress

Even the tartan cocktail dress comes with some great unique patterns and if you wish to stand out from the rest in a cocktail party using the traditional tartan pattern that struck men’s attention for ages. The enthusiasm with which celebrities are seen wearing the tartan dress and appealing at various events is the proof of how popular they have become in the industry. This category of dresses has a great collection for babies and most of them are fully lined and generally made out of wool making them highly comfortable. Make sure that you pay a visit to any of the stores nearby you and check the tartan style and you will surely love them. You can also check various online stores such as eBay and Shopstyle which has an interesting range of the tartan clothing to offer.

Tartan clothes

The tartan clothes have always been there in the society since it emerges in the fashion world. Its funky style has got quite a reputation in the fashion industry giving it an even more exposure in the clothing industry. Tartan clothes are of Scottish origin and you might already have noticed them being used in several movies and some might even have wondered where you can get these traditional clothing with an artistic touch. When you come across striped patterns, the tartan clothes would be the first thing that comes to your mind and you might start looking if the dress you were checking out belongs to the tartan category.

simple boohoo esme tartan short sleeve bodycon dress

The popularity of the tartan clothes reached greater heights when it became the choice of several celebrities and that is when they took a huge leap into the fashion industry. Although not all people are comfortable with the look and feel of tartan clothes, they have gained enough supporters worldwide and are trying to create all of the previous designs that first generation Scottish inhabitants used to wear. The pink tartan clothes requires a special mention as their combination with various other colors such as black resulted in alluring designs and became one of the hot favorites of the majority of the people.

 There is also the tartan baby clothes that you might want to check out as they look great on babies and are usually more comfortable to wear and well ventilated making it a great choice especially when you are taking them out. If you are wondering what would be the best choices tartan clothes for women, you should definitely check out the Sara Berman Tartan pea jacket, MCQ purple tartan dress and the Jonathan Aston tartan tights.

stylish black tartan dress with patent belt

Read reviews and examine the clothing you plan on buying. Compare tartan clothes against other products and each other. Pay attention to little details like fit, fabric and care instructions. There are several choices for men as well and depending upon their taste, they could pick some great outfits from the tartan collection. Apparently, some people are unaware of the fact that the tartan design is a diverse one and it has several sub categories such as that looks more traditional. So make sure that you keep a good idea about the various styles and designs and you might just be lucky enough to find something perfect for you.

Pink Tartan

Pink Tartan is a very distinct clothing line. Kimberley Newport-Mimran, the president and founder of the brand, describes her brand as classic, comfortable, and modern. Pink Tartan pieces are very eye-catching where it brings out the naturally beauty of women. It is common to see menswear shirting that’s designed for women. It gives women a very strong impression without compromising femininity. Pink Tartan clothing always gives the classic a modern twist, easily making the brand one of the most beloved clothing lines for women. The women of Pink Tartan are always elegant, powerful, and sophisticated. The brand has its unique way of conceptualizing power dressing. Power dressing with Pink Tartan can be casual, preppy, girly, and glamorous.

simple yet stunning dress by pink tartan

The Pink Tartan dress is proof that Pink Tartan has an individual take on almost everything. Pink Tartan’s little black dress is sleek and sexy. They have a little black dress that’s made of silk jersey. They have several dresses with the hip-snug engineering, creating an illusion of a slender mid-section. Moreover, it has a deep-V front, drawing attention to the chest. Such styles complement almost every figure. They also have the little black dress in a classic, girly Parisian style. Pink Tartan adds eye-catching details here and there, such as studded straps.

pink tartan's awesome fashion designs

Pink Tartan, being one of the most prolific brands for comfortable designer wear, is also a staple in office wardrobe. Their pieces, such as the Vienna Beaded Sweater, are very feminine in all the right places. The short-sleeved sweater, made of a variety of comfortable materials such as viscose, nylon, wool, cotton, angora, and cashmere, it is easy to wear because of its pull-on style. It has a ribbed jewel neck that you can take from day to night. You can wear it to the office during the day without having to change for an unplanned happy hour with your friends after work.

ladylike style at pink tartan dress design

The Pink Tartan Cutaway Jacket is another attention-grabbing piece from the brand. It exquisitely combines feminine and military elements. Any woman wearing this Cutaway Jacket will surely intimidate even the strongest male figure within sight. The stretched flannel jacket, even if it is in gray, is still a head turner because of its mandarin collar and button down front. The jacket has long sleeves and button cuffs, with decorative flap pockets positioned near the waist. The cutaway hem completes the interesting look of the jacket.

fancy spring summer pink tartan fashion show designs

On lazy and casual days, you can wear the Pink Tartan Solid-Band Printed Skirt. The skirt has a band that flatters almost any figure. Girls with a problematic mid-section will truly benefit from this style. The skirt comes in a clean, beige shade with a black belt print that swirls all over the skirt. It has a black band on the waist area to accentuate the waist. The pleated a-line skirt style shows off the legs and accents ample hips. The imported cotton and acrylic material will surely make the skirt a keeper in the closet.

Don’t forget to take advantage of any Pink Tartan sale. Pick up a few pieces from Pink Tartan to assure that you have the best wardrobe essentials.

A Guide On Winter Vests

Winter fashion is incomplete if you ignore the stylish, warm and comfortable winter vests. These winter vests are specifically designed to keep your body warm in the snowy, chilling winter. In most countries, winter stays for around 7 or 8 months; hence, winter accessories contribute to the biggest bulk of the wardrobes for both men and women. Here, you will learn how these vests are different from other winter accessories, major advantages of using these clothes and how to find cheaper, comfortable yet exclusive items from stores around.

men's winter outdoor fashion leisure down vests

A Comparison with Other Vests

Even a few years back, winter vests were used as overcoats or overalls. But now, these are being used as mainstream clothing options. Here are some of their differences compared to other types of vest.

  • Winter vests are made out of warm, soft cotton and silk material. These clothes help insulating the body from cold temperature.
  • These clothes are designed to be used in a multidimensional way. These can be used as regular tops and can also be used as overalls or outer sheath of winter dresses.
  • They usually feature chain system in the front unlike sweaters or traditional cardigans. Removing these clothes is easy and fast. Most people prefer these clothes for their user-friendly features.
  • Many advanced vests are waterproof; hence, provide utmost protection from misty, saturated air in the atmosphere.
  • These items are affordable yet elegant and soothing for all. Regardless of your place of residence, you can choose these vests and keep yourself warm even in the coldest atmosphere.

Features of Winter Vests

Winter vests have different designs for men, women and kids. The size, collars, shapes and sleeves significantly differ from each other. Simultaneously, the vests have got numerous choices following varieties of designs, colors and patterns.

  •  Winter vests are made of two different types of materials. The raw materials can either be obtained from natural or synthetic sources.
  • Salient features of these winter wears can be enumerated as: insulation (in temperature extremes), mechanical resistance against water and wind), comfort for the user and stylish aesthetics.
  • Aside from those mentioned above, the materials these vests are made of are wool, fleece, leather, metallic foiled, thin synthetic, hydrophobic fibers etc.
  • Different types of these vests can be termed as formal, semi-formal and casual vests.
  • You can use the same clothes for seasons over the years if maintained properly.

autumn and winter lovers best cotton wadded vest jackets

A Shopping Guide on Winter Vests

Make shopping for winter vests easier with the following tips.

  • You have to consider comfort as the prime factor. If you are comfortable with ready-made cheap blazers, those could be great winter clothing options for you.
  • Understand that the vests are very different from the coats. You should consider the extent or spectrum of use of the cloth before purchasing.
  • Be very careful about the materials. Make sure the vest can be cleaned easily and require minimal maintenance and care.
  • Finally, you should find the best fit for yourself. Go for trials unless you get the perfect piece. If you are happy with how you look with the vest, pay off and get back home.

Choosing winter vests can often be a difficult job unless you have a comprehensive idea about the fashion and clothing trend. Research for some time; ask your friends and experts before you actually decide to make a purchase. Remember that even in the coldest areas, winter vests can provide you warn and style.

Chic and Trendy Blazers and Vests

Possessing classy blazers and vests have been a status symbol for many women including teens. Blazers are popular mainly among personnel who serve in various arms of the defense services, bikers, tourists and college students.

There are many choices when choosing blazers and vests. You can find classy leather blazers and leather jackets in numerous colors like red, black, khaki, grey and many more. Black and brown shades are the most popular when it comes to color selection of leather blazers and jackets. A person should not just use blazers and jackets as a tool of protection in a particular season, but as an outfit to be worn regularly. This is because these jackets and blazers provide a stunning look to the person wearing them.

highly fashionable mens sportscoats vests and jackets


Styling Blazers, Vests and Jackets

There are various ways of styling classy blazers and vests. Blazers can be classified into different categories based on the purpose for which they are worn or type of materials they are made from. A person can find classy leather blazers made up of different leather types such as buckskin, suede, cowhide, ostrich skin, goatskin, lizard skin and pigskin.

Blazers can either have a zip or buttons and are available in different sizes. When it comes to length size, these blazers can be subcategorized as hip length size blazers and waist length jackets. Cheap blazers can be found in the market in different styles like collarless patterns and trench-coats.

Blazers and Vests for Men and Women

Leather blazers and jackets gained their popularity primarily in the 1950s when it was worn by a famous movie star, Marlon Brando. Other present-day actors followed suit and has added to the popularity of leather blazers. Teenagers have been keen to imitate film idols, and this aspect helped in popularizing jackets and blazers when Arnold Schwarzenegger wore a blazer in one of his movies.

Blazers and vests are worn either as a garment which offers protection or as a fashion statement. Even though the blazers are more popular among men, women are not left behind in these classy blazers and vests. Some women wear blazers to symbolize machismo and manliness. This factor has made the blazers to be used as a way of displaying personality, lifestyle and attitude in the fashion world.

willow and clay striped blazer


Women have a wide range of cheap blazers and jackets to choose from such as open collars, close collars, single and double breasted. There are various designs of blazers which add to the beauty of a woman. Among the popular designs of jackets and blazers for women include suede leather jackets, classy blazers, overcoats, and reversible jackets and outwears. A lot of blazers are embossed to make them more attractive and lure more customers.

In order for you to buy a well-fitting and stylish blazer, you should ensure that you get the right measurement for your blazer. Any person who chooses a proper measurement and style for his or her blazer or jacket will look sharp in the most fashionable formal and casual wear even if it is a cheap blazer. Don’t forget that some blazers and vests are washable while others are only appropriate for dry cleaning.

Wearing A Black Blazer For Women Effectively

Black is probably the most versatile color. It can be paired with a number of other colors and you can wear it for formal and casual occasions with ease. This is why the black blazer for women is so popular. It is actually a must have for every woman. Whether you want to wear it for a casual occasion or for the office, your black blazer will be there for you. You only need to know how to pair it with various accessories to make it look feminine because blazers have always been said to have a masculine flair.

gorgeous woman in blac blazer fashion

Helpful Fashion Tips

  • If you have the curves and would like to show them off, you should buy a short black blazer for women, which highlights the waist. This will allow you to show off your hourglass figure in a very classy way. You can pair this blazer with a pair of denim jeans and a bright shirt. This look is the perfect one for a casual dinner.
  • The long black blazer is perfect for those who want a slimming outfit. You can wear these with fitted pants and a button-down white shirt. This will keep your outfit very simple and if you want some color you can wear colorful accessories or bright shoes.
  • If you want to wear a dress or a flowing skirt, you should pair it with a boxy black blazer for women. You should be careful with this kind of blazer because it does not suit everyone. Make sure you try it on before purchasing it so that you see whether it fits you well over the shoulders and makes you look nice.
  • With blazers comes the image of something stuffy and bulky. But blazers are not all like that. There are comfortable and loose blazers too, which can be paired with solid colors. You can keep it simple and wear sleek pants. Loafers or ballet flats are perfect to complete your look.
  • For a simple and casual look, you can wear a tunic top, a pair of jeans and your black blazer for women over it. Lace-up boots would be perfect for this look. The look is not overwhelming but very sweet and stylish.
  • If you are slim, you could wear a black boyfriend blazer for women. Make sure it fits you well though. Soft colors are perfect with this blazer. Accessories may include a nice belt or a necklace to give you that feminine touch.
  • A black velvet blazer for women is ideal if you want some sophistication. It is highly elegant and can be worn with a nice cocktail dress with heels. Don’t forget accessories like earrings and necklace.

look chic with this black blazer suit

There are indeed many different ways of wearing a black blazer jacket for women. You have to just remember the occasion and your body type to make the right choice. If you want to buy cheap blazers, you can look over the internet for sales and discounts but make sure you stick to reputed sites only.

Pulling Off An Orange Look

Orange is a very lively color but many people find it quite hard to wear. It is not easy to pair it up with other colors. Orange is a fashion rage today and whether you are wearing it for an occasion or simply wearing it for a short trip, you should know how to pair it up and wear it properly. If you don’t pair it up well, you could be a live fashion disaster. With an orange blazer, you need to be motivated and excited so as to bring out the actual excitement that this color holds.

spring fashion trend brightly colored orange womens blazer

Pulling Off an Orange Clothing with Style

You could also decide how to pair your orange blazer depending on the weather. You will mostly be wearing it during the cold season to protect yourself from the harsh wind and rains.

  • You don’t always need to stick to browns, grey, and blacks during winters. Wear your orange blazer with neutral colors and you’ll be good to go.
  • Stay away from the citrus colors though. Women can wear their womens orange blazer over a neat, neutral colored dress and complete your look with brown colored boots.
  • When you are talking about bold colors like orange, you should think of opposite colors. This will especially work with mens orange blazer. Orange is beautifully paired with blue and thus you can wear royal blue or aqua blue jeans with a white tee shirt and round it off with an orange blazer. If the winter is too harsh, you could choose lambskin blazers to make you comfortable and also to give you the fashion edge.
  • Both men and women can choose to wear their orange blazer with khaki pants and finish their look with chocolate colored boots.
  • You even have the option of pairing your blazer with mute pieces such as a plain white top or tee shirt or a grey colored tee and faded blue jeans for a nice comfortable and casual look.
  • There are many shades of orange blazers such as the burnt orange blazer. You can choose based on your skin tone so that you don’t end up feeling like a pumpkin. You will find both lighter and darker shades of the color to choose from.
  • Remember not to pair your orange blazer with black. The two colors simply don’t go well with each color and will spoil your entire look. Orange is best paired with white and you should thus stick to it.

cool fancy men in orange blazer

The orange blazer, when worn correctly can make you the talk of the town. You should thus be very careful with your choices. You can find cheap blazers over the internet and outlets if you are having a money crisis or just don’t like the idea of spending so much on blazers. Go orange this winter to stand out from the rest.

Various Types Of Cheap Blazers

Cheap blazers are essential pieces in anyone’s wardrobe because of the variety of functions that they can play as part of fashionable clothing. These blazers can be worn by men, women and even children to be able to bring out their fashion sense and help complete an outfit as well. They are also available in various styles, colors and designs to be able to complement majority of the outfits that are worn by people around the world.

decent too- cheap priced blazer arm length

Cheap Blazers For Men

Cheap blazers that are worn by men may sometimes be considered “too dressy” but this might not be the case for those who are consistently wearing suits. These blazers are available in different styles, with the most common ones being either two or three button blazers. Cheap blazers for men can also be selected according to the type of material which may be corduroy, velvet, linen among others that are available in a variety of colors. The most popular brands for men’s blazers include Nordstrom, Brooks Brothers among others.

hot sale new stylish men casual balzer long sleeve lapel jacket

Cheap Blazers For Women

Women also can enhance their fashion style by wearing cheap blazers that have been inspired by the men’s blazers. However, to bring in a feminine touch the blazers are made in bold colors as well as prints that give a refreshing look to the classic styles. The common styles of cheap blazers for women can either have buttons or not with the emphasis being on the slim but masculine shape that they help accentuate in the body. Furthermore, the sleeves of these cheap blazers can also have different length sleeves which can be long or reach just under the elbow. Some of the blazer brands that are worn by women include Diesel, Alexander McQueen, Elizabeth and James among others.

navy blue blazer women in style

Cheap Blazers For Juniors

Teenagers are not left behind in the cheap blazers fashion trends with many of them wearing them as part of their outfits as well. These blazers are definitely more daring in terms of style as well as color because of the outgoing nature of most youth. In addition, the cheap blazers for juniors are designed in such a way that they incorporate two or three buttons to give them a complete look. Brands that produce blazers for juniors include Forever21, Nordstrom, Wet Seal and Abercrombie Kids among others.

cute cheap blazer for juniors

Wearing Tips

Apart from selecting the right blazer in terms of style for a man, woman or junior it is important to consider some tips on how they should be worn which include:

  • Cheap blazers must fit the shoulders well, which means that they should not droop over but should end on top of the arm.
  • The cuff of the blazer should stay above the wrist, especially when the arm is placed at a right angle.
  • The blazer should be able to button up well so that a “V” effect is clearly seen to bring out the upper torso. However, even though torsos may differ their effect should be close enough to that of a “V”.

Take note of the tips above to project a more respectable stance.